Use the following instructions to install firmware on Dune:

  1. Plugin USB drive into your computer (USB drive should be formatted to FAT32).
  2. Download the firmware file for your model from the table below to USB drive.
  3. Turn OFF the Dune box.
  4. Plugin USB drive into the Dune box.
  5. Turn ON the Dune box with the remote (solid blue light).
  6. Firmware will start loading (light will be blinking red and blue for 2 min; if blinking only for 2 sec then something went wrong).
  7. The screen will show “DUNE Loading” for 2 minutes.
  8. Restart the box when the LED light will stop blinking and will be solid blue (Unplug and plug in).
  9. Dune box should load and show all icons.
  10. Install connector to get Polska TV.
Dune HD TV 101 Dune HD TV 102
Dune HD TV 102v2 Dune HD TV 102p
Dune HD TV 301 Dune HD TV 303d
Dune HD TV 303d2 Dune HD Lite 53D

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