‘STB Emulator’ is the software application that emulates Alfabox IPTV STB on your Android device like Galaxy tablet or phone.

  1. Download STB Emulator app from HERE
  2. Then click on downloaded file.
  3. Allow your device install applications from Unknown source.
  4. As soon as the installation is completed click on ‘Open’
  5. 1
  6. Go to settings (first icon in the top corner) and open it2
  7. Select: ‘Profiles’3
  8. You will get STB settings under the profile. Select the STB Model4
  9. Select mag 2505
  10. You will get to  Portal Settings. Click on Portal URL6
  11. Type: http://alfaportal.iptvsys.com and click on ‘OK’7
  12. Click on ‘back’ on your phone to go back to ‘Profiles’. On the profile view click on: ‘MAC Address’ and type MAC address from the box or from the virtual box* and click OK9
  13. Click on Serial Number and enter Serial number from the physical or virtual box.10
  14. Click on back 3 times to go back to the main screen11
  15. Click on menu button on the phone and select ‘Exit’12
  16. Select ‘Open’13
  17. Click on the right corner icon to open the menu14
  18. Select ‘New Profile’15
  19. The main screen with all the icons appears. Select desired service and then select ‘OK’16

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