Alfa box UX1/2/3 MANUAL


Front panel for Alfa3

Back panel

Front panel for Alfa 1 and 2

Back panel

Remote control

Old model

Programmable old model

RC has two LED lights to indicate of button presses and operational modes. The green indicator lights when any button pressed on the base RC section. Red indicator is used to program buttons from the additional section.

To program button from additional section please do as follows:

  1. Press “SET” button and hold it for about 2 seconds. When red indicator becomes brighter the RC is ready to program.
  2. Press the button you want to program. Red indicator starts blinking.
  3. Dispose emitters of two RC opposite each other at a distance 10 mm and press the button on the other RC to be used as a source for programming and hold it for 2 seconds.
  4. After three quick blinks, the red indicator will stop blinking. Now you can program next button.
  5. Please program all buttons you needed as described above.
  6. Press “SET” button to save all programming progress.

New model


To program the buttons do the following:

  1. Press the «On/Off» and «A/V» buttons at the same time and hold it for 2 seconds. When the green light of the «On/Off» button will stop blinking and will light steadily, it means the RC is ready to learn.
  2. Press the button you want to «teach» — the green light will start blinking.
  3. Place the infrared lamps of two RCs opposite each other and press the button on the RC of the other device, the function of which you wish to copy on device RC. Hold for 2 seconds.
  4. After the green light two quick blinks, you may continue programming other buttons.
  5. Repeat the procedure described above for all buttons you want to program for controlling external devices.
  6. Press the «On/Off» and «A/V» buttons to save the programmed data; the green light should fade off.


Press SETUP and OK button at same time and hold for 2 seconds red LED will flash 5 times. Reset is done.

Main Settings


Grants you access to all main parameters.


You can configure network parameters here.

In most cases, Auto (DHCP) is used.


For correct EPG you need to configure NTP server.


Alternative time servers: and


In this menu, you can configure Video parameters.

Important: Graphic resolution needs to be the same as Video output mode.

F1 submenu

Auto frame rate must be disabled.

Use HDMI in HDMI/DVI field.


If after turning the Alfa box on, the volume is too high or low – adjust Initial volume.

F1 submenu

Leave all by default


You can choose menu Language, Time zone, Buffer size.

F1 submenu

You can choose virtual keyboard language.


Network info – Wired info

Gives you all information about the network connection.

Device info

Gives you all information about your TV-box.

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